Dual Organization

Netarchy and Hierarchy

How can we remain competitive when change is accelerating and the future is less and less an extrapolation of the past?

To meet the new challenges, organizations must seek a new balance between hierarchy as a guarantor of predictability and control,  and netarchy as the engine of innovation and growth.

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One organization, two estructures 

Exploiting the old certainties and exploring the new realities

In Dual Oganizations, the netarchy, as a complementary structure to the hierarchy, makes possible new contribution frameworks for people, not necessarily linked to positions of power and authority in the organizational chart, but to the credibility and added value to the organization.

The road to the Dual Organization 

Transformation framework

If we really want to accelerate the strategy and the necessary digital transformation, we must equip our companies with a dual system capable of running day-to-day tasks, while exploring new opportunities and avoiding threats. The first system, the traditional hierarchy, conducts the daily business as we know it, while the second system, the netarchy, focuses on the opportunities and demands of the future, and acts as an agile network of dynamic change agents.

The rise of netarchy is driven, not so much by the new technologies, but rather by the new values and ways of doing that the social web imposes. Just as the hierarchy is the natural structure for the reliable execution of business processes, the  netarchy is the natural structure for initiative, creativity and innovation,