The new organizational structures in the Age of Collaboration.

Connecting with collective intelligence

Words are important and we obviously need new words to represent the new reality. This is why I propose that we use the concept of Netarchy to better understand how the Collaborative Age affects our organizations and to explain how to manage the new creation processes of social and economic value through collaboration and participation in networks based on knowledge, trust, reputation and transparency.

The more we hold on to traditional hierarchies, the more we move away from the enormous possibilities offered by the Age of Collaboration to create agile and flexible organizations where people can give their best and create sustainable economic and social value.

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The reference book to understand the future of organizations

“We need new guides for the new times. This, Netarchy, is one of the most valuable I know”

Juan Carlos Cubeiro – Head of Talent de ManpowerGroup

About the author.

José Cabrera

José Cabrera is a recognized international leader in technological innovation, and has been at the forefront of the information technology sector in Spain for more than 30 years. As a consultant, he has advised and assisted the largest and most respected companies in the Ibex 35.
As a business leader, has been one of the top executives at Sun Microsystems in Europe, where he has served as Vice President of Operations for the EMEA region and President of Sun Microsystems Ibérica. He is currently President of Cabrera Management Consultants, and Founder and President of ASPgems.
He writes very actively on issues of innovation and leadership, and his blog, “Leadership in the Age of Collaboration”, is one of the most popular on leadership in Spanish. José Cabrera as an organization architect has pioneered the concept of Dual Organizations to address the business challenges resulting from mounting complexity and accelerated change. His book “Redarquía – Beyond the Hierarchy” is an obligatory reference to understand the changes that are occurring as a consequence of the incorporation of Social Technologies in our organizations.
José Cabrera is a sought-after keynote speaker in the topics of leadership and innovation in the new Age of Colaboration. He is a Industrial Engineer Superior (Polytechnic Barcelona), Executive MBA by the London Business School and Advanced Mangement Program Insead.